Step 4.


(Optionally, but strongly recommended) Visit our showroom in Hannover and become inspired by the 230 Kitchens on display, just in case you still need to make any final adjustments to your original specifications drawn up in stages 1 and 2. You are not limited to the 230 designs, these are simply to stimulate you and promote ideas.


Finalize the kitchen specifications and sign the contract. 50% of the total value of the kitchen will be required at this stage.

  Show Kitchen





Kitchen Designers


Step 5.


Your kitchen will be built to your specifications by us in Germany, loaded for transportation. Each kitchen is subjected to rigorous quality checks, which along with a programme of testing and development ensures that your kitchen lives up to our promise of innovation, quality and outstanding value for money. Transportation to your home will then be arranged (this cost is separate from the kitchen price).

Step 6.


Installation (Our or your fitters will construct, plumbed in, and wire, ready for use) and final inspection of your kitchen.


Final payment made for remainder of the contract price signed in stage 4.

Installed Kitchen