Kitchen Designers


How to get started-simple rules to remember?

How is the space used now and how would you like it to be used?

Decide what you want your kitchen to be: a communal family gathering space? Functional work area? A clean room that is integrated into the main living area of the house/apartment? A totally new kitchen space created in an extension?

What are the essentials?

Be realistic about your needs. How often do you cook? Do you really need a double oven with integral steamer? Do you need a large sink if you have a dishwasher? How much preparation space do you need? What tpye of storage do you prefer - cupboards, drawers, height, depth? Which items do you use most often?

The Golden Triangle: 

Keep as much worktop in between each activity - preparing - cooking - refridgeration - washing - as space will allow.

Think about the proximity of the appliances. Allow plenty of room between the hob and the sink to give you room to rest hot pans and prepare food. Next to the hob is the ideal place to have the utensils drawer. Store cooking pots close to the oven and keep foodstuffs plus fridge and freezer close to the sink. The general order of play is clean, chop, cook. Under the sink is the best place for all of your cleaning products, dishwasher tablets, spare kitchen towels, etc. Position lighting above the worktop to alleviate shadows whilst you are working.


How often do you entertain at home? How many guests on average? Do you like to be able to talk to your guests as you cook or do you prefer the "smell but not seen" school of food preparation?